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LEENA BOWEN: Leena is a longtime resident of Daly. Together with her husbands, she runs Daly's only restaurant/grocery, Leena's Diner, as well as the local bar, Bowens. Leena's Diner is the heart of the town. If you want info, this is the place to go.

RAYNA HALLLIDAY: Rayna is a newcomer to Daly. A tourism specialist, she's now hard at work helping the Daly chamber of commerce develop the town's tourism potential. Additionally, she's now overseeing renovations at the O'Keefe family home to turn it into a bed and breakfast.

BRIAR RHODES: Briar grew up on the Flying D Ranch and was one of the premiere barrel riders in the area -- until her mom uprooted her and dragged her to the city when she was sixteen. Respecting her mom's wishes she's stayed away from Daly, but the time has finally come to return. She hopes to pursue her love of barrel racing and retake her place in the rodeo scene.

PAISLEY SZUZMAN: Paisley is also new to Daly. She's recently begun working at the Laurel Ridge Ranch where she oversees the business office.

RIVER SZUZMAN: When her older sister moved to Daly, River wasn't far behind. She loves the constant attention from all the cowboys, but she isn't willing to commit to anyone. At the moment, she's more interested in her job at the local doctor's office. It's been busy lately with everyone wanting her to kiss their boo-boos.

CHARITY THOMPSON: Charity is another longtime resident of Daly. She runs the veterinary office and Daly's tiny mail outpost. Her husbands are the local vet and a state cop.

VERITY THOMPSON: Verity grew up in Daly. Scared of having no life and never achieving her dreams, she ran away when she was just seventeen. Being a teen out on her own didn't stop her from becoming a vet just like her dad. Though she reconciled with her parents long ago, she still has some unfinished business in Daly and has just returned home after all these years.


BRIAN BOWEN: Brian is one of Leena Bowen's husbands. He spends much of his time doing all the administrative work for Leena's Diner and Grocery as well as the local bar, Bowen's.

JOHN BOWEN: Leena's other husband and part owner of Leena's Diner and Bowen's. He spends his work hours developing Bowen's and tending bar.

BRANT CAULDWELL: Brant works on the Laural Ridge Ranch. While Ace, his life-partner, oversees the staff and admin, Brant is in charge of animal health and breeding of their stock. 

TAI CAULDWELL: Brant's cousin. He's been working at the Laural Ridge but has taken over Cauld's Well Ranch. He and his partner, Seth are developing a stock of sheep.

ROBERT DALY: As one might guess from his name, Robert is the descendent of the founder of Daly who was also named Robert. He's the sole owner of The Flying D Ranch, the largest in Wyoming and one of the largest in the country.

SETH DANIELS: Seth is a newcomer to Daly. He started out working at the Laural Ridge to cover for two of their hands being away. He's now the foreman at Cauld's Well Ranch. He's recently started experimentation with bringing in sheep.

SIMEON GERMAINE: Sim grew up in a town neighboring Daly to the south. He and  Patrick O'Keefe are best friends. They both joined the military together. When he left the service, he moved to New York. Last year, he moved to Daly. Sim is a military suspense novelist.

ASA (ACE) GRAHAM: Ace is owner of Laural Ridge Ranch which he inherited from his parents. He runs the ranch with his life-partner, Brant. Ace oversees all the ranch's administrative duties as well as working the ranch.

JOE MIDDLETON: Joe is the local sheriff. 
PATRICK O'KEEFE: Patrick owns O'Keefe's Gas and Repair. He left Daly for a time to join the military, but came home when his parents needed help. Pulling out his Irish brogue whenever it suits him, he's often seen charming the ladies. He's half owner of the upcoming bed and breakfast.

JAMIE O'KEEFE: Jamie is a photojournalist. At least, he was until he was badly hurt and scarred during a suicide bombing while on an assignment. A recluse who operates on the fringe of attention, he's putting together a book of his travels while doing the accounting for his brother's business, O'Keefe's Gas and Repair.  He's half owner of the upcoming bed and breakfast.

SEAN O'KEEFE: Seth is a mechanic at O'Keefe's Gas and Repair. He's committed to David O'Keefe, his life partner.

DAVID O'KEEFE: David is a mechanic at O'Keefe's Gas and Repair. He's committed to Seth O'Keefe, his life partner.

DEVON MASON: Devon waits tables at Bowens, and occasionally at Leena's when it's busy. But there's more to Mason than meets the eye.

CONLIN OVERDRAKE: Conlin is currently in the Navy and only a visitor to Daly, but he's considering moving to town when his commitment to the military is complete.

DORIAN THOMPSON: Dorian is a state cop. He commutes into Gillette every day for work. He's married to Charity Thompson and is one of Verity Thompson's dads.

FLETCHER THOMPSON: Fletcher is the local veterinarian. He's married to Charity Thompson and is one of Verity Thompson's dads. He tends to be cranky, but he loves animals and will do anything for them, even at the risk of his own life.

REGAN YATES: Like Conlin Overdrake, Regan is a visitor to Daly and is in the military. He's also considering a move to Daly when he leaves the service next year. He has secret aspirations as an artist and hopes to indulge in the craft.