Hello everyone! Here's an excerpt from the upcoming book: Fill Her Up

“Fill her up.”

Barely registering the words, Patrick O’Keefe stared in stunned disbelief at the woman in the car. His standard greeting froze on his lips while his hands stilled in the act of wiping them on a shop cloth. The gas pumps beside them faded away as did ten years of time and healing. Suddenly, he was once more a twenty year-old-guy, staring at his seventeen year-old-girlfriend who’d disappeared into the night with nary a word nor explanation to him.

Verity Thompson. Alive and well and more beautiful than ever.

Long dormant fury fired to life. Just like that, she came home, appearing whole and perfectly adjusted… What the hell? Fill her up? Like hell!

He yanked open her car door.

“Get out,” he growled.

Her eyes went wide and the smile that had been on her face faltered then disappeared. “Patrick…”

So, she knew who the hell he was. Good, because she had a hell of a lot of explaining to do. Not only had she been his girlfriend, but they’d intended to marry soon after she turned eighteen—he and Verity and his best friend Sim, who’d lived in the town where they’d all gone to school.

“Get. Out. Of the car,” he ordered, wondering if his military training would need to come into play here. This woman wasn’t going anywhere until he had some answers.

“Patrick, it’s been ten years,” she protested, reaching for the door handle to slam it shut again. His fingers tightened on the metal, holding it in place like a steel wedge.