Welcome to Daly!

Daly Way revolves around life in the town of Daly and its outlying ranches. Daly is light on women (20:1 ratio) and everyone is involved in ménage or more relationships. Daly is located in the north east corner of Wyoming, about an hour from the nearest city, Gillette.

The Daly series has two parts, those that take place primarily in town and those that take place on the ranches -- but characters weave in and out of all so you don't want to miss a thing.

About the Town
  • Founded – 1867 (Wyoming statehood 1890) by Robert Daly and his family
  • Population (April 2010) – 159 (152 men, women 7)
  • Location – Somewhere off Highway 212, an hour from Gillette
  • Area Description – desolate. A mix of prairie, woodlands and mountains. It's the perfect place to get away from everything and everyone.