Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do?

So...what do you do when a book just isn't working?

Push it back.


Four times.

The latest Daly Way book has been through just that. And finally, finally, this last time around the story has clicked. I'm excited to share Fill Her Up with the world! You know Patrick from an earlier book (I also mentioned Sim in that book too) and now you get to see him get his own happily ever after -- or will it be?

Fill Her Up is a reunion story ten years in the making. Well, not my ten years. It's ten years for the characters. And when they get together, everything explodes!

Stay tuned for more on Fill Her Up and Daly Way. Wander around the site in the coming weeks. Right now there's not a lot to see, but the pages will fill in.

Thanks for visiting Daly Informational!

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