Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow, Daly, tomorrow!

It's only a day away!!

The next Daly Way book, Fill Her Up, will be released by Resplendence Publishing, tomorrow, June 1st! Thank you everyone for your patience on this.

Here's the description:

Ten years ago, Verity Thompson ran from Daly, leaving behind her family and her lovers. Now, fresh from veterinary school, she’s returning to take over her father’s practice. She never suspects her old lovers will corner her within minutes of her return.

Patrick and Sim have never forgotten Verity, the girl they believe has always been destined for them. Hoping to sway her back to them, they convince her to give them a weekend of no-holds-barred sex. Little does she know that two of their close friends would be coming to town, too.

It doesn’t take Verity long to remember what she’d felt for the men, but when her father tells her he’s not giving her a job, she’s faced with the very choice she once ran from and feared: a lifetime in her men’s arms or the job of her dreams.


  1. Anonymous said...yea!!! i am so there ...can not wait...anymore of circle of three? just curious?

    respectfully a fan

  2. Hi there,
    At this point, I'm not planning more Circle of Three books. While I love Cranston and the characters there, I've made the decision not to work with that publisher. Unfortunately, they hold the rights to the series.

    I have quite a few menage books planned at Resplendence this year :-)

    Brynn :-)

  3. well i guess the Daly Way will have to do...i am a fan of both...at least i see 3 Daly's coming our way hopefully more to follow...


  4. Brynn, I have been waiting for this book!!! Chomping at the BIT! I was even bugging Cheryl Dragon for info, I was so desperate! LOL! YOu can bet I am getting this one tomorrow! Have read and REread both previous stories numerous times. LOVE them!!!!


    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com