Thursday, June 2, 2011

Next Up! Briar's Cowboys

Fill Her Up came out yesterday. Readers of my main blog may have heard of Male Ordered for the Daly series. It technically isn't in the group. This was the first title for Fill Her Up. The title change came so late, I actually already had the original cover. Not so long ago, another book came out with the title Male Ordered. Worse, it's also the title of a report on white slavery--white slavery where the women think they're going to be mail ordered brides then, well, not so much. I won't go into detail here, but it is a topic in my upcoming Zed Force series (Zed Force is a special forces team).

So what comes after Fill Her Up? (Thank you Mia Watts for that title)

The next book is Briar's Cowboys. You can see the cover to your left. You'll hear about Briar and get some story hints in Fill Her Up and in the "Residents" tab on this site. When Briar was 16, her mother who worked as housekeeper on the Flying D ranch relocated with Briar to Chicago, uprooting her daughter, her daughter's dreams and promise to a place far from Daly and, in her opinion, safe from the menage lifestyle.

I'll let the readers of this blog in on a little secret. The relationship structure of this book will be closer to that of Belonging to Them. A certain Daly man has been missing Briar, even if he doesn't realize how much.

About the Flying D. Some might think that because it's in Daly and it belongs to the Daly family that the D stands for Daly. Nope. The D in Flying D stands for Dutchman and refers to a so called family curse.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow, Daly, tomorrow!

It's only a day away!!

The next Daly Way book, Fill Her Up, will be released by Resplendence Publishing, tomorrow, June 1st! Thank you everyone for your patience on this.

Here's the description:

Ten years ago, Verity Thompson ran from Daly, leaving behind her family and her lovers. Now, fresh from veterinary school, she’s returning to take over her father’s practice. She never suspects her old lovers will corner her within minutes of her return.

Patrick and Sim have never forgotten Verity, the girl they believe has always been destined for them. Hoping to sway her back to them, they convince her to give them a weekend of no-holds-barred sex. Little does she know that two of their close friends would be coming to town, too.

It doesn’t take Verity long to remember what she’d felt for the men, but when her father tells her he’s not giving her a job, she’s faced with the very choice she once ran from and feared: a lifetime in her men’s arms or the job of her dreams.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Without a Doubt

I can now tell you without a doubt that the next Daly Way book will be out in the beginning of June!

Blurb and excerpt coming tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do?

So...what do you do when a book just isn't working?

Push it back.


Four times.

The latest Daly Way book has been through just that. And finally, finally, this last time around the story has clicked. I'm excited to share Fill Her Up with the world! You know Patrick from an earlier book (I also mentioned Sim in that book too) and now you get to see him get his own happily ever after -- or will it be?

Fill Her Up is a reunion story ten years in the making. Well, not my ten years. It's ten years for the characters. And when they get together, everything explodes!

Stay tuned for more on Fill Her Up and Daly Way. Wander around the site in the coming weeks. Right now there's not a lot to see, but the pages will fill in.

Thanks for visiting Daly Informational!